Make-a-Difference Employee of the Year - Jaime Rangel

Coblaco's management continues the tradition of recognizing an employee every year who has "made a difference" to the company and their fellow workers, based on demonstrated professionalism, customer focus, work quality, team spirit, and innovation. 

The Make-a-Difference employee for the year 2016 is Jaime Rangel. Jaime came on board in 1996, starting as a washer. He then moved up to Shop Foreman, and is currently a Project Manager. Some of the comments by his peers regarding Jaime's work performance include the following:


“Jaime used to work for B&C Trash as a collector.  B&C collected our trash at the RBI facility in Platteville, and we used to paint their dumpsters.  When we came across a need for a washer, I asked Jaime if he was interested in working for Coblaco.  We paid him $7.50 an hour.  That was 21 years ago.

Jaime has come a long way!  Through his willingness to take on challenges and learn new skills, he moved up to Shop Foreman, then Project Manager.  He is a great guy and a real asset to the company!  Congratulations, Jaime!”


“Jaime is the ‘the face’ of Coblaco on almost all of Coblaco’s high profile and most technical projects.  His knowledge, experience and adaptability continually lead to successful completion of the work and his personality and charisma leave customers 100% satisfied not only with the work, but also the professionalism of Coblaco.  As a Project Manager, Jaime has continued to set himself apart within the industry. Jaime’s abilities to interpret project requirements, manage customer requests and define scopes of work consistently lead to successful project outcomes.  Jaime is well respected by not only our customers, but by all of his peers for his leadership, experience and his willingness to jump in wherever and whenever needed. 

Jaime’s contributions to the company make a difference every day and make him my first choice for the ‘Make-a-Difference Employee.’”   


“One of my favorite things about Jaime is his ability to take a problem and find a solution.  He may not take a conventional approach, but in the end, we know that he will find a way to get it done. He thinks outside the box and considers all options when attacking a job. He has proven to be an effective trainer and interacts well with customers and inspectors alike.” 


Jaime joins an elite team of previous winners, including Angel Zermeno, Juvenal Zermeno, Rich Valdez, John Garcia, Chris Sartwell, Jon Holzer, and Jim Eckelberry. 

Congratulations, Jaime! Thank you for your contributions and years of service!