Lower Woodmen Valley Tank

Colorado Springs Utilities partnered with Coblaco Services to repair the coating system on the interior and exterior of the Lower Woodmen Valley Water Tank. This steel tank, nestled in the residential community of Woodmen Valley, measures 146 feet in diameter, 16 feet in height, and holds 2 million gallons of water.

As part of the interior coating process, a door-sheet was cut in the tank walls to allow access for the high-reach equipment used to blast and apply coating to the upper reaches of the tank.  Coblaco’s crew ended up filling the tank with nearly 160 tons of blast media in order to achieve the proper cleanliness of the steel. The interior coating was then applied, and the tank was back in service in the fall of 2016.

Coblaco returned to the jobsite in the spring of 2017 to complete the exterior repairs, successfully overcoming a few schedule delays due to spring storms.  The tank is now fully operative and looks brand new!