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American Pipeline Services (APS) was acquired by Coblaco Services, Inc. in 2006.  APS had established itself as an industry leader in pipeline repair and maintenance for over 35 years, and continues to do so under Coblaco’s ownership, focusing on the water treatment and water transmission industry.  APS has completed projects on water transmission pipelines, vaults, lift stations, balancing reservoir and plant piping, and dam outlets and raceways.

Services include:

  • pipeline joint repair and grouting
  • joint bonding/welding
  • interior/exterior pipeline lining and coating
  • internal repair of damaged pipe
  • high pressure cleaning

APS has the capability of working with pipe ranging from 24” to 108+” in diameter, and offers extensive experience in cementitious, epoxy and polyurethane coatings. The pipeline crews have the resources to mobilize to complete projects nationwide.  

Finally, APS has an experienced staff that is confined space and extraction trained, and includes six NACE Level III CIP Inspectors, two NACE Level II Inspectors, and nine NACE Level I Inspectors.  


Recent Coblaco Pipeline Coating and Lining Projects