About Our High Performance Coatings

The technology of coatings continues to change every day. Material manufacturers are constantly trying to solve the requests and requirements of the industry to make coating systems easier to apply and create ones that have a longer service life.

Coblaco has made a commitment to training and being a part of the ever changing landscape of high performance coatings. Strategically aligning ourselves with manufacturers who offer in-house technical training, and making financial commitments to become and operate as single-source or approved applicator continues to serve us well. We have a significant investment in specialized fluid pumps that move a variety of materials. These computer driven ratio pumps not only require a trained operator but a company that is willing to invest in continual upkeep and maintenance. When in the field, our pumps are housed in climate-controlled trailers to ensure they are ready and able to perform.

Recent Coblaco High Performance Coating Projects