Spinney Mountain Dam Outlet

Spinney Mountain Dam Outlet


The City of Aurora contracted Coblaco Services to perform coating repairs on the Spinney Mountain Dam outlet piping, located southeast of Fairplay, CO. The scope of work involved blasting and coating the interior and exterior of a 96-inch diameter section of outlet pipe and a mag meter at the reservoir. 

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About the Project

The first thing that crews found upon arriving at the dam was a lot of water. As one side of the dam continued releasing water, the side that CSI was to coat had to be isolated, sandbagged and dewatered.

Once the work area was dry, our attention turned to the lead-based coatings on the pipe. Coblaco’s crews had to scaffold and cover the entire work area. A 20K CFM dust collector was utilized to keep migrating dust from entering into the watershed, and personal exposure monitoring was done to ensure crew safety during blasting operations.

After the coating was removed, metal deterioration was detected in certain areas on the valve.  Using materials already on hand, this change of procedure was handled quickly, enabling us to stay on schedule.