Coblaco's 2018 Make a Difference Employee

Connor is presented his Make a Difference award.

Connor is presented his Make a Difference award.

Congratulations to Connor Harrison, who has been selected as our Make-a-Difference Employee of the Year for 2018!  Connor has made quite an impression in his short time with Coblaco Services. 

Professionalism, customer focus, attention to detail, and working effectively as a team member are all attributes taken into consideration when selecting the Make a Difference employee.  Connor Harrison has exceled in these areas.  Additional comments by Coblaco management:

 "Connor continues to grow his knowledge and skill set at a rapid pace with our work. One of his greatest assets is his attitude. Connor will do whatever is asked of him, and at times he will recognize a need and ask if he should take care of it (drag the yard, wash off equipment, documentation during shipping and receiving). Connor has a great work ethic and stays busy throughout the day without the need for constant supervision and follow up. Recently, Connor has stepped up with assisting with snow removal in the facility and was one of the first employees in the yard the morning after the Bomb Cyclone hit (coming from Greeley) to assist with preparing the facility for reopening. In short, Connor applies himself and is a pleasure to work with day in and day out."

"Connor is a great team player and always willing to help others. Connor is a very hard worker and never complains. This man is always positive in everything he does and always willing to learn new things."

 "Connor is a very hard worker.  Connor will do any task you give him without any problems. Connor is self-motived and is always laughing and smiling. We can always count on Connor to be at work and  get his assigned tasks done. Connor is a great asset to Coblaco. We are glad he is on our team."

Thank you, Connor, for making a difference at Coblaco!