Coblaco is now SSPC QP1 and QP2 Certified

Coblaco Services has added a new certification to our company resume, SSPC’s QP 2. The QP 2 program recognizes contractors who possess specialized skills, knowledge, policies and practices that make them experts in the removal and disposal of lead and lead-based coatings. This certification is highly thought of in the industry and owners and engineers often require a QP-2 certification for contractors performing lead abatement work. By gaining this certification, Coblaco will now be able to bid on work that was previously closed off to us.

The application process involved a site audit to demonstrate our practices to protect workers as well as the environment from lead hazards. In addition, comprehensive plans for managing hazardous material had to be created, updated or revised, and additional lead-abatement training was completed by eight field and facility personnel.

The huge effort required to gain this certification will benefit Coblaco Services as a QP-2 certification will open the door to new opportunities as we move forward into 2019 and beyond.