NACE CIP Level 1 Lab Day

Coblaco Services is proud to have hosted another NACE  Level I lab day. On October 24th, students worked alongside instructors Steve Davis and Pat Barry, as well as a group of experienced technicians and supervisors at Coblaco in order to learn the ins and outs of corrosion prevention. The lab day provides NACE students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in industrial blasting, coating, as well as practice in utilizing the instrumentation and documentation typically encountered by NACE inspectors.

Students took turns spending time at each station as supervisors and technicians ensured the proper use of PPE and safety techniques. Teamwork was used among students as questions arose, and despite the work at hand, smiles were found everywhere among the group.

guy smiling.jpg

Despite the large number of students, the lab assignments were completed with the speed and efficiency that can be expected at the Coblaco Production Facility. As a leader in the industry, Coblaco prides itself in its ability to host such a class due to the capabilities required in expertise and equipment. The consistent feedback from students and instructors that have taken part in a Coblaco hosted lab day is that it is one of,  if not the best lab days for the NACE CIP Level I class.