Make a Difference Employee 2017

James Myers.jpg

Each year, Coblaco’s management team selects an employee who has “made a difference” to the company and their fellow employees in the areas of professionalism, customer focus, work quality, team spirit and innovation.

While several nominees were considered, the Make-a-Difference employee chosen for the year 2017 is James Myers.  James has been employed with Coblaco Services since August, 2014.  He has not only proven himself to be an exemplary employee by exhibiting all of the above-noted traits, but is successfully moving into more of a leadership role with the company.  Some of the managerial comments regarding James’ work performance include: 

“(James) practiced clear and concise communication with customers and crew which led to the successful completion of several projects.  His efforts were not unnoticed by management nor our customers.”

 “James has demonstrated professionalism with his work and is always looking for more.”

Congratulations, James.  Well deserved!