Coblaco's "Ring of Fame"

This year, Coblaco began a new tradition to honor retiring Coblaco employees – The Ring of Fame.   Each recipient receives a plaque in the training center that identifies the names of those who have significantly contributed to Coblaco's success over the course of their careers.  This year, we honored Phil Davis (Company Founder), Todd Hudspeth and Bill O'Dell.                

Phil Davis started the company in 1978 and was successful in growing the company and establishing a nationwide presence.  He retired in 2006.

Todd Hudspeth started for Coblaco in 1991, prominently managing the flow of work through our Henderson Facility as the Facility Manager & Quality Training Supervisor.   He retired in 2015.

Bill O'Dell started in 2006 to help Coblaco expand its presence in the oil and gas industry, and was quickly promoted to Vice President of Operations.  He retired in 2015.           

Together, these men represent over 60 years of service to the company!