NACE CIP LEVEL 1 Course in Denver

The NACE CIP Level 1 course, scheduled April 10th through April 15th in Denver, CO, will be co-instructed by our company President, Steve Davis.  Over the last six years, Steve has taught NACE CIP Levels 1 and 2, both nationally and internationally, including courses in:  Anchorage, AK, Dubai, UAE, Kuala Belait, Brunei and Québec City, Canada. 

Coblaco Services emphasizes employee development as one of its strategic pillars.  As an example of our commitment to quality and training, we continue to enroll Coblaco employees in the NACE CIP Program. Currently, Coblaco employs a total of sixteen NACE Coating Inspector certified employees, including:  seven NACE CIP Level 3, two NACE CIP Level 2, and seven NACE CIP Level 1 certified individuals.  Two more Coblaco employees are scheduled to take CIP Level 1 this year.

Additionally, as part of the scheduled training in April, Coblaco Services will host a NACE Lab Day on Wednesday, April 13th at our Production Facility in Henderson, CO.  The lab day is part of the CIP certification process, and enables the hands-on practice for coating inspectors by familiarizing them with industry standards and ways to report findings in the field.

Our involvement with the NACE CIP program is an example of our commitment to the professional development of our employees as well as our continued involvement in the industrial coatings community.