Summer Work in Winter Park

American Pipeline Services’ Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) and Water-jetting division continues its successful working relationship with several Rocky Mountain communities.  This summer, our crew has been cleaning the sanitary sewer lines for all four water/sanitation districts in Winter Park (Winter Park Water & Sanitation, Town of Winter Park, Town of Fraser, and Grand County).  The pipelines in each of these districts are directed to the Winter Park Water & Sanitation Plant, where the water is eventually treated.

Cleaning the pipes before their contents empties into the sanitation plant is critical, as items like concrete, asphalt, rocks, and other construction debris can end up in the sewer lines, which may then transmit to the plant.  The impact to having debris clog the water treatment clarification equipment is costly.  Our services help alleviate that impact.

In a job like this, American Pipeline Services will send water-jetting equipment through a manhole, clean the lines, cut roots, as needed, and water pressure all debris out of the pipe.  The line is then inspected for clearance, using a CCTV camera.

The work is managed in sections of sewer line, and the job, from start to finish will take upwards of five months to complete.   In this time, we will also clear the storm vault under the Hideaway Park stage, so construction can begin on a new permanent theater for future Winter Park music events!

APS Vac Truck - Winter Park.jpg
Rochelle Cepeda Twitchell