1978 – Phil Davis starts Colorado Blasting and Painting with two employees.  The company’s primary services are sandblasting and painting equipment (construction, trailers, etc.), focusing on rental companies and local distributors.

1982 – Colorado Blasting and Painting begins a 30-year relationship with Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, enabling Colorado Blasting to broaden its service base in blasting and painting construction equipment across the U.S.  The first out-of-state job with Ritchie Bros. is located in Toms River, New Jersey. 

1984 – Foreseeing its importance, Colorado Blasting and Painting becomes the first painting contractor of its type to hold an EPA permit in Colorado.  Additionally, a large piece of land in Henderson, CO is purchased to facilitate the work being completed, and plan for future growth.

1991 – Colorado Blasting and Painting acquires Roger Bolter, Inc. in Platteville, CO.  As a result, Colorado Blasting and Painting enters the industrial market (tank linings, structural steel, and high performance coatings).

1996 –Two paint shops are built on the Henderson property, including one of the largest climate-controlled enclosed paint facilities in Colorado at the time.  To better represent the diversity of its services, the company name, Colorado Blasting and Painting, is changed to Coblaco Services, Inc.

1998 – Coblaco Services acquires Rocky Mountain Sandblasting, whose primary focus is structural steel, which, in turn, expands Coblaco’s client base.

2006 – Coblaco Services acquires Power Wash of Denver, facilitating Coblaco’s entrance into fleet-washing services. 

2006 – Coblaco Services acquires American Pipe Linings, and renames it American Pipeline Services.  Market focus is in large diameter water transmission pipelines.  With Coblaco Services, Inc. set up for success, Phil Davis announces his retirement.

2015 – Coblaco Services acquires Anderson Services.  Market focus is pipeline maintenance and inspection services.  This aligns with the American Pipeline Services side of Coblaco.