Coblaco partners with A Little Help, a non-profit organization that connects neighbors across ages to enhance lives and strengthen our communities. ALH coordinates vetted service providers, as well as volunteers, to help older adults thrive in their homes by arranging resources and services, such as, transportation, yard work, and minor home repair.  Currently, our President, Steve Davis, and Vice President of Finance and Administration, Alfonso Trujillo, serve on A Little Help’s Board of Directors.
We also recruit employee volunteers to assist with various ALH-sponsored functions.

Coblaco Services supports CLLARO (Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy and Research Organization). This organization is instrumental in breaking down barriers for Latinos and advocates for job creation, employment, equitable pay, and education. Coblaco currently has a significant number of Latino employees, and sees CLLARO as a partner in solving the labor equation, as well as providing community service support to employees who need to navigate the socio-economic maze of services. Alfonso Trujillo, VP of Finance and Administration, is currently a board member for the organization.